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Writing a Marketing Plan

Venue: Milton Keynes Community Foundation

Address: Milton Keynes Community Foundation
Acorn House
381 Midsummer Boulevard
Milton Keynes

Date & Time: 20/09/2018 9.30am-1.30pm

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Marketing is the lifeblood of any business, but a common mistake is to rush to ‘doing’ without ‘thinking’. This morning is all about writing a marketing plan.

We follow the SOSTAC® framework from PR Smith, which has proved itself time and time again – and is taught by the professional marketing institutes.

We start with situation analysis: where are you and your business at the moment?

We then move on to objectives: where would you like to be?

To get there, we need to have a strategy: a broad understanding of how to move ahead.

It’s then appropriate to move on to tactics: a detailed plan to get from A to B.

Whether carried out in-house or by an agency, clear actions need to be set out.

Finally, we need control to make sure that we meet our objectives – and what to do if we miss them.

The key theme is how to create value as a business and communicate this to customers.

Who Should Attend

Owners, directors, and marketing managers who want to improve their marketing, calculate its effectiveness, and increase their return on investment.

What You Will Learn

How to work out where you are and where you want to be

Drawing up a strategy to get you there

Making sure it delivers on time and on budget

Please note that eligibility criteria is applied to attend this workshop and only one delegate per business can attend

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