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Venue: Banbury House Hotel

Address: Banbury House Hotel
Oxford Road
OX16 9AH

Date & Time: 23/10/2018 09.30am-13.30pm

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One of the most important decisions your business can make is about pricing. Yet most firms get it wrong: they focus on cost, rather than value.

We take a look at the conventional wisdom and discuss how it falls short. We look at the danger of discounts and the difference between ‘differentiating’ and ‘discriminating’.

The morning then moves on to the psychology of pricing. You can actually create value with your price, so we look at real world examples where this happens (and the effect on your brand).

A key point is that humans aren’t perfect. They rely on shortcuts to make buying decisions, so it’s essential to understand what those shortcuts are and how they impact your sales and profits.

Next, there are some important lessons to learn about when to send invoices, how to set them out, which payment methods to accept, and how to structure your payment terms.

The morning has an astonishing conclusion: could you actually sell more by raising your prices?

Who Should Attend

Owners and directors who want to raise their prices and increase sales.

What You Will Learn
  • Why most companies set the wrong price
  • The danger of discounts
  • How to raise prices – and sell more
  • How pricing affects your brand

Please note that eligibility criteria applies to attend this workshop and only one delegate per business can attend. Contact us for more information.

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