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Presentation Skills

Venue: King's House, Bedford

Address: King's House
245 Ampthill Road
MK42 9AZ

Date & Time: 7 November 2018 - 9.30am - 13.30pm

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Presentation skills: You might have the best case in the world, but if you can’t present it then it’s all for nothing. Fortunately, it’s easy (and fun) to do so.

The place to start is to ask yourself how the presentation is creating value for your audience. We then move on to a discussion of how to tailor your presentation so it’s a good fit for them.

It’s then a quick step to think about your call to action: what do you want them to do in the end? It’s vital to have this clear before you start planning what you’re going to say.

The group then looks at building confidence and the broader question of social psychology. For the last thirty years, Cialdini’s six principles of persuasion have been fundamental.

It’s the time to look at rhetoric. We think about why it has a bad name and how it can help your presentation.

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