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Presentation and Negotiation Skills

Venue: Wellingborough Council Chamber

Address: Wellingborough Council Chamber
Swanspool House
Doddington Road

Date & Time: 24/05/2018 9:30am-13:30pm

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Level: Intermediate / Advanced
Outline of the workshop:

This workshop will explore how delegates might complete presentations and negotiations more effectively. We will walk the audience’s journey. It is very hands-on, with participants encouraged to practice presentations to the group and negotiating with each other throughout the morning.

Bullet points of what the workshop will cover:

• structuring your presentation – the three Ts and the all important call to action

• psychology: the role of emotion, storytelling, framing, and more

• how to persuade: Cialdini’s six principles of influence alongside his latest, seventh, principle

• practical tips: building confidence, tackling questions, presentation aids, and more

• understanding negotiations and the various stages

• positive sum games: how to turn ‘win-lose’ into a ‘win-win’

• getting to yes: people v problems, interests v positions, mutual gain, objective criteria

• getting past no: recognising obstacles, what causes them, and how to tackle them.

Summary of key learning points:

• knowing what your objective is for the presentation and structuring accordingly

• recognising the importance of emotion, storytelling, and framing

• understanding Cialdini’s seven principles of persuasion

• building confidence and tackling questions

• reframing negotiations as ‘win-win’ rather than ‘win-lose’

• learning how to ‘get to yes’ and ‘get past no’.

Please note that eligibility criteria applies to attend this workshop and only one delegate per business can attend. Contact us to learn more. 

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