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Food Waste Innovations for SMEs


Cranfield University has strong links to the food and drink industry specialising in research areas such as food waste, food quality, shelf life, mycology, post-harvest technology, contamination, nutrition and micro-biology.

‘Food Waste Innovations’ is a key strand of the IMAGE (Innovation in Manufacturing, Aerospace and the Green Economy) project, led by Cranfield University. SMEs in the food manufacturing, retail, hospitality and service sector from the SEMLEP area will have the opportunity to access a grant covering 50% of the costs involved in assessing the current state of their food waste and identifying sustainable, cost effective solutions for reducing waste.

This event will allow you to understand more about food waste audits and how they can strengthen your business.

You will discover how in-depth food waste audits will can help look at:

• Sources of waste – both avoidable and unavoidable
• Composition of waste
• Weight and volume of waste
• Destination of waste
• Procedures for monitoring and measuring food waste
• Documented results
• Staff training and capacity building

This programme is part funded through the European Regional Development Fund and it is subject to eligibility checks.

For more information visit:

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