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Finance for Business Owners

Venue: Venue 360

Address: Venue 360
20 Gipsy Lane

Date & Time: 19/10/2018 9.30am-13.30pm

Contact Email:


Level: Beginner / Intermediate

Outline of the workshop:

The workshop is to introduce key financial concepts, demystify the terminology, and build confidence. It is a highly practical session that emphasises the importance of sound finance to every business and where to get help. It also explains the merit of an SME following the ‘high road’ when setting prices.

Bullet points of what the workshop will cover:

• finance: what it is, why it matters, how to measure, where to record, who needs to know

• your cashflow, profit and loss, and balance sheet

• costs: identifying, forecasting, capturing, and minimising. Including taxes

• drawing up a budget, finding resources, making plans, using a bookkeeper and accountant

• the importance of cashflow and how to manage it from day to day

• getting finance: types to consider, pros and cons, what it costs, how to secure

• pricing: the wisdom of value based over cost plus

• setting your prices: why SMEs follow the high road, not the low road.

Summary of key learning points:

• understanding the three financial statements: cashflow, P&L, and balance sheet

• recognising the importance of finance to your long term success

• managing cashflow to ensure your short term survival

• finding resources and making the most of them – and your professional advisers

• understanding your financial needs

• setting prices that reflect your value and enhance your brand.

Please note that eligibility criteria applies to attend this workshop and only one delegate per business can attend

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