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Building a Successful Team, Managing Performance and Retaining the Best People

Venue: Banbury House Hotel

Address: Banbury House Hotel
Oxford Road
OX16 9AH

Date & Time: 22/05/2018 9:30am-13:30pm

Contact Email:


Level: Beginner / Intermediate
Outline of the workshop:

The workshop is aimed at SMEs who wish to improve the performance of their team – and, where appropriate, bring in new recruits and retain existing members. The key theme is that, together, the best people and best practice yield the best results.

Bullet points of what the workshop will cover:
  • the why, who, and how of recruitment: best practice, not bare compliance
  • understanding how (and how not) to retain staff
  • ·outsourcing: deciding if it’s the right choice and implementing it effectively
  • leading the team: their needs and your style, situational leadership, circles of trust
  • performance management in the organisation: strategies, designs, and plans
  • performance management for the individual: tracking, review, and appraisal
  • change management: transition vs change, transition curve, blue ocean leadership
  • conflict management: dealing with the cause, not just the effect.
Summary of key learning points:
  • ·navigating the why, who, and how of recruitment
  • considering what staff retention demands
  • recognising the pros and cons of outsourcing
  • understanding how to lead a team
  • distinguishing the two sides of performance management
  • appreciating the importance of change management
  • identifying best practice in conflict management.

Please note that eligibility criteria applies to attend this workshop and only one delegate per business can attend. Contact us to learn more. 

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